Smoking Cessation Program

At Serenity House, we have come to recognize that smoking is as devastating an addiction as any other substance; it too is a chronic, relapsing disease.  Realizing that most smokers want to quit and have tried to do so on several occasions, we now offer a comprehensive tobacco cessation program, employing evidence-based approaches. We work in collaboration with the University of Ottawa’s Heart Institute and The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health through its STOP program. 

Support to help alleviate withdrawal cravings is given in the form of Nicotine Replacement Therapies, free of charge for up to 26 weeks and  funded by the Ministry of Health.

While the reasons to quit are numerous and well-documented, each person’s journey is unique; each client is offered an individualized treatment plan.  Our smoking cessation counselor teaches the skills and techniques that have been proven to help smokers quit and provides the information, guidance and resources needed for successful outcomes. 

A secluded meditation room is available and equipped with serene music, guided meditation tapes, yoga mats, offering a peaceful, dimly lit, and quiet retreat for contemplation.


  • Comprehensive smoking cessation treatment
  • Individualized treatment plans, including counseling and Nicotine Replacement Therapies
  • Specialized assessment involving carbon monoxide testing
  • Support for both physical and psychological dimensions
  • Relapse prevention
  • Link to other programs, helpline and other resources in the community

Serenity House gratefully acknowledges the support of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the CAMH STOP Program.